Detailing Services



  • Premium services for those that appreciate a higher level of detailing!

  • Specializing in paint correction & ceramic coatings! 

  • SB3 Coatings Surface Specialist & Authorized Installer!

  • Esoteric Elite Detailer Academy Graduate!

  • International Detailing Association Member & Certified Detailer!

  • Licensed & Insured Professional Detailer!

As an automotive enthusiast, I understand how stressful it is to find someone you can entrust your vehicle to. You can rest easy knowing your vehicle is in the hands of a fully trained & certified detailer, passionate about his craft! Whether you have one vehicle, a collection, a daily driver, show car, or an exotic - I can take their finishes to the next level!

My service doesn't end with the detail work! if you prefer to maintain your vehicle once I am done, I can offer you the proper products (and instruction) to safely do so!

I am one of the few detailers that possess the equipment/skills to complete mobile paint corrections & ceramic coatings. As long as water, electric, and garage space is available, I can come to you. Please note, mobile ceramic coating applications may be restricted in times of extreme heat or cold. My detailing services are not limited to the Indianapolis area! I regularly travel all over Indiana, & even to other states (additional charge). If you live in an area with no trustworthy professional detailer, I can come to you! Don't hesitate to contact me for a quote, or to discuss the best options for completing any of my services! You may contact me directly by email, phone, or text. 

For examples of my work, be sure to check out my Gallery & Facebook page! 

Pricing displayed reflects charges for average sized cars. The following charges will be added for larger vehicles:

+15% - Small (2 row) SUV's & Crossovers
+30% - Mid-Size (3 row) SUVs & Mid-Size Trucks
+40% - Full-Size (3 row) SUVs & Full-Size Trucks 
Oversized (or heavily soiled) vehicles subject to additional charge 

 $225 - Paint Decontamination 

  • Multi-bucket foam hand wash utilizing swirl-free techniques.
  • Thorough cleaning of wheels, tires, & door jambs. 
  • Chemical and/or mechanical decontamination of the paint.
  • Bonded contaminants such as tar, overspray, iron particles, & sap are safely removed.
  • Safe drying through a combination of filtered air and/or specialized microfiber towels.
  • Exterior plastic trim & tires are dressed, exterior glass cleaned. 
  • Provides a properly prepped surface, ready for any additional detailing steps. 
  • Protection can be upgraded to a SB3 Solo 1yr Ceramic Paint Coating (additional charge). 

 $225 - Coating Maintenance Detail 

  • Exclusive service for previously ceramic coated vehicles.
  • Vehicle will be washed, chemically decontaminated, & dried. 
  • Coating will be refreshed/topped off to ensure maximum performance. 
  • Recommended annually, & required to maintain any SB3 Paint Coating Warranty. 

 Paint Correction 

Machine polishing is one of the most labor-intensive aspects of detailing, and critical to realizing your shine potential! Paint defects reduce the level of shine/gloss possible, and can even result in a hazy/cloudy finish. Every defect results in an uneven surface, one that diffuses & reflects light negatively. These defects can include: swirls, random isolated scratches, water spot etching, bird droppings, buffer holograms, and oxidation. 

Combining specialized equipment, training, & experience, I safely reduce/remove defects while improving paint depth & clarity. Paint correction is an art form that separates true detailers from the rest, and a skill set few take the time to master. These are my most requested services (and customer favorites), especially when combined with a ceramic coating! I offer three different polishing services based on the levels of correction desired. I will be more than happy to discuss which service would best fit your finish & needs!



$400 - Level 1 Paint Correction

  • Includes everything in my Paint Decontamination service.
  • One-step polishing stage combines light defect removal with gloss enhancement. 
  • Depending on paint hardness, up to a 30-60% correction level is possible.
  • Protection can be upgraded to any of the SB3 Ceramic Paint Coating options (additional charge).  

$550 - Level 2 Paint Correction 

  • Includes everything in my Paint Decontamination & Level 1 Paint Correction services.
  • Adds additional polishing, focusing on defect removal.
  • Achieves an amazing level of gloss & clarity, with an 80-90% correction level.
  • My most popular correction service, delivering an excellent balance of correction & gloss.   
  • Protection can be upgraded to any of the SB3 Ceramic Paint Coating options (additional charge).

$750 - Level 3 Paint Correction  

  • Includes everything in my Paint Decontamination & Level 2 Paint Correction services.
  • Incorporates focused polishing on heavier defects, while preserving as much of your finish as possible.
  • Removes all defects than can be safely polished out, achieving a 95%+ correction level.  
  • For vehicles with extensive defects, or those desiring the best finish possible. 
  • Protection can be upgraded to any of the SB3 Ceramic Paint Coating options (additional charge).

When investing in a Paint Correction service, I highly recommend adding a ceramic coating. This will provide the highest level of long-term protection, gloss, & ease of maintenance to your freshly polished paint.  Please visit my Ceramic Coatings page for more details & pricing!

*Paint hardness, thickness, and defect severity ultimately determines the level of correction safely obtainable. There may be deeper defects that cannot be removed, but polishing can help minimize them.* 

Interior Detail 

$100 - Cars (front seats only)

$150 - Cars (front & rear seats) 

$175 - Trucks & SUVs


  • Pricing applies only when combined with any of my exterior detail services (above).
  • Thorough vacuuming of interior carpet, mats, & seats. 
  • Cleaning of dash, door panels, console, leather, & vinyl surfaces. 
  • Conditioner applied to leather surfaces, interior detailer applied to plastic/vinyl surfaces.
  • Interior glass, clear plastics, and touch screens cleaned. 
  • Products offer UV protection, are non-greasy, and will not leave excessive shine.
  • Conditioner be upgraded to SB3 Hyde Leather Coating for extended protection.


Motorcycle Paint Correction


  • The benefits of polishing & coatings are not limited to cars & trucks.
  • Paint correction removes light-moderate defects on painted surfaces.
  • High-temp SB3 Moto Ceramic Coating can be applied to painted and unpainted areas. 
  • Total prices for this service varies depending on the level of polishing & coating desired.