Ceramic Coatings

Furious Shine is proud to be a trained & certified SB3 Coatings Surface Specialist. We are also honored to be the 1st Indiana Detailer, certified to install their flagship Trinity coating! 

Why choose a Ceramic Coating? A ceramic coating forms a hardened (clear) layer of protection that bonds to your paint. Most traditional waxes or sealants only last weeks or months, and the protection is greatly reduced with each wash. When properly maintained, the level of protection ceramic paint coatings offer can be measured in YEARS! 

Aside from long-term protection, one of the more popular features of coatings are their hydrophobic properties. Also known as the "self-cleaning effect", water encapsulates dust & dirt on the surface, and is then repelled from the vehicle. This results in less time & effort when washing & drying the vehicle! You can watch some of my actual videos below to see these water repelling properties in action!

Select SB3 paint coatings are warrantied, & the installation is also registered with Carfax. SB3 Coatings can also be applied over Clear Bras or PPF (paint protection film), & most matte, satin, or vinyl finishes. Also be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page, where I discuss realistic coating expectations & maintenance! I believe in providing my customers the most upfront information possible, to help them make the best decision for their vehicle! 



Ceramic Coatings:

Coating pricing displayed reflects a car or small SUV. The following amount will be added for larger vehicles:

 +20% - Mid-Size SUV/Compact Truck

+35% - Full-Size SUV/Full-Size Truck 

*Oversize SUV/Truck subject to additional charge*


$300 - Omega 2yr Paint Coating


  • Omega is a 4H hardness entry-level coating which increases slickness, gloss, & hydrophobic properties.                    
  • Single layer applied to painted surfaces, plastic trim, headlights, & taillights. 
  • Requires purchase of Paint Correction Level 1, 2, or 3 (not included in coating price).


$600 - Alpha 5yr Paint Coating



    • Alpha is a 9H hardness high solids coating to protect against the elements of nature.
    • Offers a higher level of hardness, durability, slickness, hydrophobics, & shine than Omega.
    • Features a contact angle of 110 degrees, allowing for increased self-cleaning & hydrophobics. 
    • Single layer applied to painted surfaces, plastic trim, headlights, & taillights.
    • Includes a 5yr warranty, (click to view terms), installation also reported to Carfax.
    • Requires purchase of Paint Correction Level 1, 2, or 3 (not included in coating price). 
*Actual video of SB3 Alpha ceramic paint coating hydrophobic/self-cleaning properties during Furious Shine maintenance wash*


$900 - Trinity 7yr Paint Coating



    • Trinity - the worlds first 3-layer 10H ceramic coating!
    • For those wanting the best of the best in a coating - with maximum durability
    • 10H hardness, ridiculous gloss, insane hydrophobics, and incredible slickness. 
    • Exclusive coating available only to specially trained & certified SB3 installers.
    • 3-layers applied to painted surfaces, plastic trim, headlights, & taillights.
    • So amazingly wicked, each coating layer is housed in a glass skull.
    • Includes a 7yr warranty (click to view terms), installation also reported to Carfax.
    • Requires purchase of Paint Correction Level 1, 2, or 3 (not included in coating price). 
*Actual video of SB3 Trinity ceramic paint coating hydrophobic/self-cleaning properties during Furious Shine maintenance wash*



$150-300 - Vortex 2yr Wheel Coating



  • Vortex is a 9H hardness glass coating designed for wheels.
  • Extremely durable with self-cleaning properties - makes wheel cleaning easier.
  • Forms a layer of protection between your wheels and corrosive brake dust & grime.
  • $150 for application to all 4 wheel faces, due to liability concerns I do not remove/install wheels.
  • $300 for application to wheel faces & barrels if wheels are off the vehicle (or barrels are accessible).
  • Can be added to any of my exterior detailing services (not included in coating price).


$50-200 - Optic 1yr Glass Coating


*Actual video of SB3 Optic ceramic glass coating hydrophobic properties during Furious Shine maintenance wash*

    • With a contact angle of 117 degrees, water rolls right off the glass. 
    • Glass coatings can help you see clearer and further in adverse weather.
    • $50 includes 2 layers applied to a standard car windshield.
    • $75 includes 2 layers applied to truck or SUV windshields.
    • $200 includes 2 layers applied to windshield, rear window, side glass, & sunroof/moonroof. 
    • Can be added to any of my exterior detailing services (not included in coating price).



Realistic Coating Expectations / Maintenance / Warranty

If you have been researching coatings online, you have likely seen some ridiculous marketing claims by some companies. Everything from coatings being set on fire, scratched with keys, or claiming they never needing washing. Ceramic coatings offer the highest levels of protection, durability, shine, & ease of maintenance. Once you have a coating, you will never want to go back to waxes or sealants! Coatings are not a bulletproof force field of protection around your vehicle, and no coating will last a "lifetime". While coatings are often harder then factory paint, they will not prevent rock chips. They form a "sacrificial" layer of protection & can prevent light marring, but are not swirl/scratch-proof. 

When choosing a coating, don't focus solely on how many years it is rated for. Even if you only keep your car a few years, the 5yr Alpha coating will have increased hardness, durability, & better hydrophobic properties (vs. the 2yr Omega). The 3-layer Trinity coating provides the highest level of protection & gloss, for those wanting the best of the best (but may be overkill for some)! The more information you can provide me about your expectations (and plans to maintain the vehicle) - the more I can help recommend the right coating for you!  

Is a ceramic coating worthwhile if automatic "touch" washes are your primary wash option? The majority of customers that hire me to polish & coat their vehicle, typically hand wash or utilize "touchless" washes. My recommendation is always to avoid automatic washes with brushes, cloth strips, or anything that physically "touches" your paint. Essentially, these hold the dirt/grit from the car before you, and then drag it across your paint (causing swirls & scratches). Compared to waxes/sealants, the coating will still be the most durable level of protection. Just be advised, the abrasive nature of a "touch" wash will dramatically reduce the lifespan of any coating (& introduce scratches & swirls). 

Once completed, the coated vehicle needs to remain dry (& indoors) for the initial 24hrs. After 24hrs, the vehicle may be driven normally & in the rain if necessary. After the coating has cured for 7 days, you can begin washing the vehicle again. I provide you with maintenance instructions/tips which go over the wash process, and best maintenance practices. Always avoid any detail products with waxes or polymers in them, as they can leave a residue/buildup on the coating (& diminish hydrophobics). SB3 Maintain is a spray that you can use periodically (or even after every wash), to refresh and boost coating performance. From shampoo to towels, I can suggest (& provide you with) the proper products to safely maintain your coating! 

I also offer a Ceramic Maintenance Detail service, and recommend it annually for all coated vehicles. This includes a wash, chemical decontamination, & topping off your coating to ensure maximum performance (& longevity). Alpha & Trinity installations also include a coating warranty (if properly maintained), for complete terms & conditions of the warranty please click here