Ceramic Coatings

Why choose a Ceramic Coating? Most traditional waxes or sealants only last weeks or months, and the protection/shine is greatly reduced with each wash. When properly maintained, the level of protection & gloss ceramic paint coatings offer can be measured in YEARS! Essentially, a Ceramic Coating is a hardened (sacrificial) layer of protection over your vehicles finish. Utilizing nano technology, microscopic particles fill the pores in your vehicles paint. This results in a highly hydrophobic (water repelling) surface - with increased resistance to damaging UV rays, chemicals, heat, and contaminants. 
Aside from long-term protection & amazing gloss, one of the more popular features of coatings are their hydrophobic properties. Also known as the "self-cleaning effect", water encapsulates dust & dirt on the surface, and is then repelled from the vehicle. This results in less time & effort spent washing & drying the vehicle! 
SB3 Omega, Alpha, & Trinity paint coating installations are backed by a 3rd party warranty, & also registered with Carfax. I can also apply coatings over PPF (paint protection film), & most matte, satin, or vinyl finishes. Also be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page, where I discuss realistic coating expectations, warranty, & maintenance! I believe in providing you with the most upfront information possible, don't hesitate to contact me regarding the best options for your vehicle! Please visit my Quotes page & provide me the requested info to get started. For shining examples of customer vehicles, be sure to visit my Gallery page! For even more photos & detailing write-ups, visit my Furious Details page!

** Starting at prices apply to most cars - larger cars, SUV's & trucks will be higher **

SB3 Omega 2yr Ceramic Paint Coating

Starting at $450

Omega is SB3's entry level multi-year coating. A single-layer application is applied to painted surfaces, plastic trim, headlights, & taillights.  Omega's 4H hardness offers up to 2 years of protection, high gloss, & ease of maintenance. Omega is backed by a 3rd party warranty and also reported to Carfax. *Requires purchase of Paint Correction Level 1, 2, or 3 (not included in coating price)*

SB3 Alpha 5yr Ceramic Paint Coating

Starting at $700

Alpha is easily SB3's most popular coating! Alpha features a contact angle of 110 degrees, allowing for increased self-cleaning & hydrophobics. Alpha is a 9H hardness single-layer application applied to painted surfaces, plastic trim, headlights, & taillights. Alpha offers up to 5 years of protection, with outstanding gloss and slickness. Alpha is a great option for daily drivers, or anyone looking for long term protection.  Alpha is backed by a 3rd party warranty and also reported to Carfax. *Requires purchase of Paint Correction Level 1, 2, or 3 (not included in coating price)*

SB3 Trinity 7yr Ceramic Paint Coating

Starting at $1000

Trinity is SB3's Flagship coating, available only to specially trained installers. Trinity blends a unique 3-layer coating process, applied to painted surfaces, plastic trim, headlights, & taillights. Each layer offering a unique feature that when combined, is the hardest, most durable coating SB3 offers. Mind blowing gloss, 10H hardness, insane hydrophobics, incredible slickness, & up to 7yrs of durability is to be expected with Trinity! If you're looking for the best coating SB3 offers, Trinity is it! Trinity is backed by a 3rd party warranty and also reported to Carfax. *Requires purchase of Paint Correction Level 1,2, or 3 (not included in coating price)*

SB3 Vortex 2yr Ceramic Wheel Coating

Starting at $200 

Vortex is a 9H hardness coating designed specifically for wheels, that provides up to 2yrs of protection. Extremely durable with self-cleaning properties - makes wheel cleaning easier. Vortex forms a layer of protection between your wheels and corrosive brake dust & grime. $200 for application to all 4 wheel faces. $350 for application to wheel faces & barrels (if barrels are accessible). Due to liability concerns I do not remove wheels. 

SB3 Optic 1yr Glass Coating

Starting at $75

Glass coatings can help you see clearer and further in adverse weather. With a contact angle of 117 degrees, water rolls right off the glass. SB3 Optic is the clear choice for safety & protection, offering up to 1yr of durability!
$75 includes 2 layers applied to windshield.
$200 includes 2 layers applied to all glass.

Ceramic Coating Maintenance Detail

Starting at $200

• Exclusive service for existing customers vehicles that I have previously ceramic coated.
• Includes thorough hand-wash & chemical decontamination to remove any surface contaminants. 
• Coating will be refreshed to ensure maximum hydrophobic performance & longevity. 
• Recommended annually & required to maintain any SB³ Paint Coating warranty.

Realistic Coating Expectations / Maintenance / Warranty
If you have been researching coatings online, you have likely seen some ridiculous marketing claims. The most popular ones include: coatings are fire-proof, scratch-proof, last a lifetime, never needing washing, or they eliminate rock chips - ALL are FALSE claims. Compared to waxes/sealants/sprays, a true ceramic coating offers the highest levels of protection, durability, & shine. A coating does not provide a "bulletproof" force field of protection, its primary job is to act as a "sacrificial" hardened layer - protecting & preserving your original paint. 
Although much easier to maintain, coatings are not a hands-off/maintenance free alternative to properly caring for your vehicle. I am frequently asked about the best way to care for a coated vehicle.  The absolute best wash option is always a hand wash using swirl-free techniques & pH neutral car shampoo. The next best option would be a "touchless" car wash, with periodic hand washes. Definitely avoid any automatic "touch" washes with brushes, cloth strips, or anything moving across the paint. These abrasive washes take the dirt/grit from the cars before you, & then drag it across your paint (creating swirls/scratches & reducing coating life). The majority of paint corrections I do are the result of poor wash practices, or damage from a car wash (including the "free" dealer wash). A coated vehicle does not benefit from any wax/polymer infused products, in fact they are a step backwards in protection. They can also leave a unwanted residue/buildup on the coating, diminishing hydrophobic properties. I have spent many years trying different detailing products & methods, & will provide you with specific maintenance instructions/tips. I can also recommend (& sell) everything you need to properly care for your vehicle! From shampoo to towels, everything I sell is the highest quality & 100% safe for your coating. My ultimate goal is to help you preserve your Furious Shine!
After the coating install, the vehicle should remain dry & indoors for at least 24hrs (as it begins curing). After 24hrs, the vehicle can be driven in the rain if unavoidable. After the coating has cured for 7 days, you can begin washing the vehicle again.
My SB3 Omega, Alpha & Trinity installations also include a 3rd party warranty, and are reported to Carfax. As with any coating warranty, you must reasonably maintain the vehicle, as outlined in the warranty. This includes having me perform a Ceramic Maintenance Detail once a year, which I highly recommend (regardless of warranty).  For complete terms & conditions of the SB3 warranty please click here. If you ever have any questions or concerns about properly maintaining your coating - I am here to help you!
ACTUAL hydrophobic (water repelling) properties of the SB3 Trinity coating, during a Furious Shine maintenance wash!