Furious Shine Ceramic Maintenance Wash - Amazing Trinity Coating Hydrophobic Properties!

29th Oct 2020

Check out the hydrophobic (water repelling) properties on this Trinity coating during a maintenance wash! When it comes to coatings, you often hear about the "self-cleaning effect". Essentially, water encapsulates dust & dirt - repelling from the paint. No coating eliminates the need to properly wash your vehicle. However, less time spent washing & drying - means more time driving & enjoying it!

Trinity is SB3's flagship 3-layer, 10H hardness ceramic paint coating! Properly maintained, this coating will provide 7yrs of amazing gloss, protection, and ease of maintenance! This vehicle was coated nearly 18 months ago, & still looks as amazing as the day I installed it!
Furious Shine is the only Indiana SB3 Surface Specialist specially trained & certified to install this amazing coating. When customers ask for the best of the best, this is what I recommend!