Questions/Quote Requests:

The most efficient way to request a quote is through the below contact form, please provide ALL of the requested information regarding your vehicle. If you prefer to contact me at 317-531-6158, please be prepared to leave a message (with the same info). 

I treat everyone's time as valuable, so I try to provide as much upfront information on my website as possible. To help ensure a coating is a good fit for you, please be sure to review my "Realistic Coating Expectations" (at the bottom of my coatings page). Combined with the information you provide me, I can typically provide a solid quote (& get you scheduled) without having to see the vehicle first. 

In order for me to accurately (and quickly) assist you, please include the following information in the comments portion:

1. Year/Make/Model/Color of the vehicle.

2. Where is the vehicle located - City/Town is fine.

3. Any info regarding the paint condition, are you seeing any of the below paint defects?


4. After your vehicle is polished & coated, how do you plan to wash it (hand wash, automatic touch-less wash, or automatic touch wash)?

5. Is there access to a garage at your location (that the vehicle will COMPLETELY fit in), with room to easily work all around it? 

*NOTE: If your location is not suitable (or weather prohibits mobile services), I arrange a drop-off alternative option. Although I price my corrections & paint coatings separately, they must be purchased together (any quote will include both). All posted pricing on my website applies to cars only, SUV's & Trucks will higher (quoted based off the exact make & model).  

I appreciate your interest in Furious Shine, & I will get back to you as quickly as possible!