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 Detailing Services Questions/Quote Requests:

 The best way to reach me & provide the basic info I need for a quote is through this contact form, or email: directly. You can also leave me a message at 317-531-6158. To give each of my customers the attention they deserve, please understand I don't answer calls while detailing. I will respond to all messages personally within one business day!

I respect everyone's time, so I try to provide as much upfront information on my services as possible. If you are considering a ceramic coating, please make sure to review my "Realistic Coating Expectations" (at the bottom of my coatings page) before contacting me.  

Combined with the information you provide me, 99% of the time I can email you a solid quote (& schedule an appointment) without having to see the vehicle first. 

In order for me to accurately (and quickly) assist you, please include the following information in your message:

1. Year/Make/Model/Color of the vehicle.

2. Where is the vehicle located. (City/Town is fine).

3. Any info regarding the paint condition, or how it's been maintained (hand washed, automatic touch wash, etc). 

4. Do you have an idea of what services you are interested in? 

5. Is there access to a garage at your location that the vehicle will fit in, with room to easily work around it? 

*NOTE: I do require an indoor location (with electric) to perform paint corrections & ceramic coatings in. If coming to you is not a good option, we can arrange for you to bring the vehicle to me (sorry, no oversize vehicles/lifted trucks). Please understand, I will not apply a multi-year ceramic paint coating without a paint correction first (new or used - the end result is well worth it)! If you plan to touch up any paint chips, please do so (at least) a few days before I polish & coat the vehicle. Sorry for any inconvenience, but I no longer offer interior detailing services. 

I appreciate your interest in Furious Shine!

Steve McNett - Owner