Tire Deep Cleaning Brush

  • Short Handle for Easy Scrubbing
  • Durable & Dense Bristles
  • Use with Adam's All Purpose Cleaner or Tire & Rubber Cleaner

Sometimes tires need an aggressive scrubbing to release trapped dirt and road grime. Other times your new car may have had sticky silicone based tire shines applied that just won't come off easily, or maybe you just want a nice compact scrub brush with a short handle to give your rubber a good cleaning. This compact brush is manageable yet powerful. Use it to break loose the most stubborn of grime from your tires to get that deep down clean before applying a fresh coat of Adam's Super VRT or Tire Shine for that 'new rubber' look. Also great for scrubbing rubber or plastic floor liners that have become heavily soiled from winter driving or dirty shoes. 

There are a lot of tire brushes out there, and I used to sell the Adam's version. However, after testing I have found this one to simply work the best, and I can offer it at a lower price! !

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