Ceramic Coatings

Why choose a Ceramic Coating? Most traditional waxes or sealants only last weeks or months, and the protection/shine is greatly reduced with each wash. When properly maintained, the level of protection & gloss ceramic paint coatings offer can be measured in YEARS! Essentially, a Ceramic Coating is a hardened (sacrificial) layer of protection over your vehicles finish. Utilizing nano technology, microscopic particles fill the pores in your vehicles paint. This results in a highly hydrophobic (water repelling) surface - with increased resistance to damaging UV rays, chemicals, heat, and contaminants. 
Aside from long-term protection & amazing gloss, one of the more popular features of coatings are their hydrophobic properties. Also known as the "self-cleaning effect", water encapsulates dust & dirt on the surface, and is then repelled from the vehicle. This results in less time & effort spent washing & drying the vehicle! 

Thirty3, Almega, & Trinity paint coating installations are backed by a 3rd party warranty, & also registered with Carfax. I can also apply coatings over PPF (paint protection film), & most matte, satin, or vinyl finishes. If you are in the process of purchasing a vehicle, the Dealer is likely going to try and sell you some sort of "paint protection" or "coating". Unfortunately most of these products are glorified paint sealants that barely last a few months. They grossly overcharge for these products, and often apply them to your paint without proper prep. I actually take the time to improve & properly prep the paint - ensuring long-term protection & increased gloss. Going a step further, I also provide guidance to my customers to help them safely maintain their new finish! I believe in providing you with the most upfront information possible, don't hesitate to contact me regarding the best options for your vehicle! Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page, where I discuss realistic coating expectations, warranty, & maintenance! Please visit my Quotes page & provide me the requested info to get started. For shining examples of customer vehicles, be sure to visit my Gallery page! For even more photos & detailing write-ups, visit my Furious Details page!

** Starting at prices apply to most cars. Larger cars, SUV's & trucks will be higher **

3yr Ceramic Paint Coating

Starting at $600 

SB3 Thirty3 is my entry-level coating option. Thirty3 features 9H hardness, up to 3 years of protection, high gloss, & increased hydrophobics. A single-layer application is applied to painted surfaces, plastic trim, headlights, & taillights.  Backed by a 3yr warranty and reported to Carfax. *Requires purchase of Paint Correction Level 1, 2, or 3 (not included in coating price)*

5yr Ceramic Paint Coating

Starting at $900

Almega is a hybrid combination of SB3's Alpha & Omega coatings.  Alpha is applied as the base layer, offering 9H hardness & up to 5yrs of protection. Omega is then applied as the top layer, further enhancing durability, gloss & boosting hydrophobics even further. 2-layer application applied to painted surfaces, plastic trim, headlights, & taillights. Backed by a 5yr warranty and reported to Carfax. *Requires purchase of Paint Correction Level 1, 2, or 3 (not included in coating price)*

7yr Ceramic Paint Coating

Starting at $1200

Trinity is SB3's Flagship coating, available only to specially trained installers. Trinity blends a unique 3-layer coating process, applied to painted surfaces, plastic trim, headlights, & taillights. Each layer is a unique coating, that when combined form one of the glossiest, hardest, & most durable coatings available. Mind blowing gloss, 10H hardness, insane hydrophobics, incredible slickness, & up to 7yrs of durability is standard with Trinity. If you're looking for the best of the best, and want to stand out from the rest - Trinity is it! Backed by a 7yr warranty and reported to Carfax. *Requires purchase of Paint Correction Level 1,2, or 3 (not included in coating price)*

SB3 Vortex 2yr Ceramic Wheel Coating

Starting at $250 

Vortex is a 9H hardness coating designed specifically for wheels, that provides up to 2yrs of protection. Extremely durable with self-cleaning properties - makes wheel cleaning easier. Vortex forms a layer of protection between your wheels and corrosive brake dust & grime. $250 for application to all 4 wheel faces. $400 for application to wheel faces & barrels (if barrels are accessible). Due to liability concerns I do not remove wheels. 

Ceramic Coating Maintenance Detail

Starting at $200

• Exclusive service for existing customers vehicles that I have previously ceramic coated.
• Includes thorough hand-wash & chemical decontamination to remove any surface contaminants. 
• Coating will be refreshed to ensure maximum hydrophobic performance & longevity. 
• Recommended at least annually & required to maintain any SB³ Paint Coating warranty.

Realistic Coating Expectations / Maintenance / Warranty
If you have been researching coatings online, you have likely seen some ridiculous marketing claims. The most popular ones include: coatings are fire-proof, scratch-proof, last a lifetime, never needing washing, or they eliminate rock chips - ALL are FALSE claims. Compared to waxes/sealants/sprays, a true ceramic coating offers the highest levels of protection, durability, & shine. A coating does not provide a "bulletproof" force field of protection, its primary job is to act as a "sacrificial" hardened layer - protecting & preserving your original paint. 

Although much easier to maintain, coatings are not a hands-off/maintenance free alternative to properly caring for your vehicle. I am frequently asked about the best way to care for a coated vehicle.  Once my work is done, the majority of my customers will only hand wash their vehicles following my maintenance guidelines (this is the best option).  Others will do a blend of hand washing and touchless car washes (next best option). Doing strictly touchless washes is certainly better than an automatic touch wash, but will not always get the coating 100% clean. Please understand If your vehicle goes through an automatic touch wash, it will void any coating warranty. Automatic "touch" washes (with brushes, cloth strips, or anything moving across the paint) are extremely damaging to not only your paint, but any ceramic coating.  The majority of paint corrections I do are the result of poor detailing practices, or damage from car washes (including the "free" dealer wash).  I can also provide you with specific maintenance instructions/tips (and even products). My ultimate goal is to help you preserve your Furious Shine!

Thirty3, Alpha, & Trinity installations also include a 3rd party warranty, and installations are reported to Carfax. As with any coating warranty proper maintenance is key (& required) to keep it valid. This includes having me perform a Ceramic Maintenance Detail once a year, which I highly recommend (regardless of warranty).  For complete terms & conditions of the SB3 warranty please click here. If you ever have any questions or concerns about properly maintaining your coating - I am here to help you!

ACTUAL hydrophobic (water repelling) properties of the SB3 Trinity coating, during a Furious Shine maintenance wash!